Workplace Investigations

Many common workplace events may trigger the need for an investigation:

  • An employee complains he or she is being sexually harassed by a coworker or manager;
  • An employee complains about being harassed because of his or her religious beliefs (or race, disability or other protected category);
  • An employee makes it known he feels he is the victim of unlawful discrimination;
  • An employee complaints of retaliation;
  • You become aware of allegations of serious misconduct by an employee;
  • There is evidence of theft or misuse of business property;
  • You receive a demand letter or EEOC/CCRD Charge of Discrimination.

Federal and state harassment and discrimination laws impose a legal duty on employers to investigate many types of employee-related complaints. In some instances, conducting a prompt, thorough, independent investigation and then following up with appropriate remedial action may reduce or even eliminate liability altogether.

Judy has conducted independent investigations involving a wide range of allegations, from small businesses and medical practices to large corporations and educational institutions. She is a member of the Denver chapter of the Association of Workplace Investigators, and has conducted training programs and “train the trainer” programs on effective investigative practices.