Employment Law Training: A Critical Employment Management Strategy

Implementing a comprehensive training program for your managers and staff is a wise investment. Read why training is important, and what an effective program should include.

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Give Your Practice an Annual Checkup

Keep your business healthy by reviewing your policies and procedures at least annually. Laws change, your business practices change, and your needs and expectations change. Here are some the most important elements of effective employment-related management and some tips to help you audit your current policies, procedures and documentation.

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Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Substance abuse in the workplace is a growing problem for employers and can lead to lower productivity, higher absenteeism,
and an increased risk of workplace accidents and injuries. Substance abuse issues can present a difficult challenge to employer. Unfortunately, failure to address abuse-related problems appropriately can lead to significant liability.

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Charges of Discrimination: Prepare Yourself for an EEOC Investigation

This is a step-by-step description of the EEOC process, plus five tips to minimize your risks.

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Complying with the ADA in the Healthcare Setting

The EEOC has recognized that complying with the ADA in the healthcare setting has unique challenges. Read about compliance issues relating to hiring, testing and confidentiality.

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Misclassifying your Workers May be Costly

Should you hire your next worker as an independent contractor or as an employee? If the worker is an employee, will you designate him as “exempt” or “non-exempt?” Failure to properly designate a worker can subject you to a costly audit.

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The Value of A Well-Drafted Handbook

Implementing a well-drafted handbook can be a valuable asset to your business. Read about what should be included and about the nine costly mistakes you should avoid.

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Using Unpaid Interns in your Practice: New Guidelines

If you use unpaid interns in your practice, you should be aware of the new guidelines the Department of Labor has issued.

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Social Media in the Workplace

This article suggests several ways you can modify your policies and procedures to deal effectively with the effects of social media in the workplace.

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