Human Resource Compliance Plans

Do you have the policies and procedures in place to help you avoid employment related lawsuits or EEOC Charges or Department of Labor fines and penalties?  Are your current policies and practices causing you to spend too much time and too many resources to manage employees?  Is low staff moral and high employee turnover adversely affecting your business? Is there tension in the office, high absence rate, or low productivity?  Are your staff members making frequent mistakes that reduce your efficiency and profit?

All of these problems can be reduced or prevented when appropriate policies and procedures are put in place and when staff members are trained appropriately.  Judy becomes familiar with your office culture, analyzes past and current problem areas, and reviews your current employment policies and practices.  She then works with the employer to create a comprehensive compliance plan that includes:

  • identifying gaps and deficiencies in the current standards, policies, and procedures;
  • drafting and helping to implement policies and procedures that comply with rapidly changing Federal and state employment laws;
  • developing an employment “infrastructure” (hiring protocols, management standards, job descriptions, employee evaluation forms  and procedures, discipline policies, etc.) designed to increase efficiency and productivity;
  • working with the employer to identify conflict situations, and providing advice on handling specific issues.
  • identifying types of training required to improve office functioning and to comply with Federal and state laws;
  • designing and implementing training programs customized to meet the specific needs of the business.

Reduce your risk of missed requirements and save time and money. CT’s experts can audit your entities, alert you to missed filings, and take care of any lapses for you. We’ll take care of the compliance issues you know about, and find the ones you don’t know about — for all your U.S. companies and global entities.