Employment Law Audits

Implementation of an effective risk management program can dramatically reduce the number of claims and suits brought by current and former employees.  Lawful employment practices can also protect against being assessed huge fines, penalties, and back taxes, and costly audits by the Department of Labor.

Judy conducts comprehensive internal audits of your employment practices, and identifies those areas that may be putting your business at risk including:

  • employment policies and practices;
  • lawful hiring practices;
  • handbooks;
  • job descriptions;
  • discrimination/harassment/retaliation policies;
  • exempt/non-exempt classifications;
  • social media policies and practices;
  • disciplinary and termination protocols;
  • employee evaluations;
  • wage & hour policies and practices;
  • independent contractor/employee contracts & designations;
  • employee leave policies and programs;
  • work eligibility (I-9) issues;
  • employee personnel files;
  • lawful and effective responses to complaints;
  • mandatory training programs.

Once the audit is complete, Judy can design a cost-effective plan to bring the organization into compliance with applicable laws.