Conflict Resolution

One recent study found that the average employee spends over two hours a week (one day a month!) dealing with workplace conflict, and some reported spending six hours a week.  67% of the employees in that study reported they have gone out of their way to avoid a colleague because of a disagreement  and 12% admitted leaving a job because of workplace conflict.

Conflict in the workplace affects workers’ ability to focus on their jobs and can seriously impact morale.  Unresolved conflict affects productivity and can be a major drain on a business’ resources.  It is often difficult to resolve conflict internally, especially in small and medium-sized companies and particularly in cases in which a manager may be part of problem.  If the manager is not trained to resolve conflict effectively, tasking him or her with resolving a conflict may actually aggravate the situation.

Judy uses a unique approach to resolving workplace conflicts, taking into account the culture of the workplace, the personalities involved, and any legal implications associated with the conflict.  She recognizes that no two situations are alike, and will:

  • immediate disputes between employees;
  • work with the organization to resolve the specific conflict, whether it involves a one-time situation or an ongoing, endemic conflict within the organization;
  • provide one on one executive coaching;
  • provide management training on how to manage conflicts and identify potentially divisive situations;
  • design and lead group workshops to help resolve conflicts or to help the organization handle future conflict issues when they arise;
  • develop workable policies and procedures for manage workplace conflicts, and help the organization with implementation.